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Author Topic: How do I add a photo to my post (with a photo hosted at  (Read 5467 times)

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It's easy to add a photo to your post. But because we don't allow photos to be uploaded directly to the forum (due to space limitations), there are a few extra steps you must take to make sure things work out. 

You need to first upload your photo to some other website, typically a fee online photo hosting service (this lets them pay for all the storage space, not you or me), then you provide a link to that photo (which actually resides elsewhere) within your message here on the forum. 

There are many different free photo hosting services available that you can use.  We'll show you the necessary steps for some of the most popular ones (other services are available if you prefer them, things generally work the same way): (detailed here)

Basically, you need to put your image on the web somewhere (in this example,, then get the web address (URL) that points to your photo's location there, then paste that web address into your forum post here.  Our forum website software will recognize your link to the photo and will display the photo in your post (instead of the web address itself) if the link is enclosed within a matched pair of opening and closing [IMG] and [/IMG] tags.

Step-by-Step instructions:
How to include a photo in your post that you have hosted on

1. First you need to create an account on
It's quick, easy, and free. Basic (free) accounts come with a generous 2 gigabytes of storage space - plenty of room for a lot of photos (if you want more space, you can pay for it, but most casual users should be fine with a free account).  Sign up for an account here.

    Tip: When you're done uploading your photo, you will need to come back here to Pacific Northwest Flying to add you photo, so it can simplify things to keep each website open in a separate window (one web browser window for Pacific Northwest Flying, and a separate web browser window for your photo hosting website).  That makes it easier to switch between windows to copy and paste the photo link code that you will need.

2. Upload your photo to your account at 
Instructions for uploading photos are on the website.

3. Copy the link code for the photo you want to appear in your post.

Default view of your photo. Move your mouse over the image,
and a pop-up menu appears at the
bottom of your photo.
Click and choose Link on the pop-up menu.

The following dialog will appear:

Click the Copy button to the right of the first field (the one labeled "URL: Copy the link below to share the URL to this photo.")

4. Paste in the web address that you copied into the body of your message on Pacific Northwest Flying.
Switch over to Pacific Northwest Flying, and paste in the URL for your photo.

You code should look something like this:

(The items in purple will not match exactly...your account and image name will be different.)

5. Add the Image tags required by our forum software.
In order for the forum software to correctly recognize the link as a pointer to a photo, it needs to be enclosed within a matched set of opening and closing [IMG] and [/IMG] tags.
To add those tags, simply select (highlight) the URL (link code) that you pasted, and then click the Insert Image button ().

After the Image tags have been added, your code should look something like this:


6. Click the Preview button to view the results.  
It might take a moment or two (depending on the speed of your internet connection and how large your photo(s) are, but if the code is correct, you should see your post with the photo(s) in place.

7. If everything looks good, click the Post button.
If the photo does not appear in your post when your preview it, go back and take a look at the web address for your photo.  It should be enclosed in a single set of matching opening and closing [IMG] and [/IMG] tags. If necessary, edit the code in your post so that it matches the format shown above.

    Tip: Remember that your URL (link code) should be a simple web address pointing to your image; that is, within the opening and closing [IMG] and [/IMG] tags, you should have a URL that begins with http://, and does not include any other HTML tags, such as <img src="http://... (either at the beginning or end of your code). Also, be sure that you only have one (matched) set of opening and closing [IMG] and [/IMG] tags.
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