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Author Topic: Mooney 252/Encore for sale SOLD  (Read 620 times)

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Mooney 252/Encore for sale SOLD
« on: February 23, 2017, 06:52:13 PM »
Further update:

sold the plane through a broker of Mooneys, All American Aircraft down in Texas. he's going to get the engine overhauled and spruce up the plane. It will be a real sweetie when it's done so look for it to be on the market in a month or so.

UPDATE: After discussion with a broker or two about wholesale values it sounds more realistic to lower the sales price to 125,000. You will need to do an engine and prop overhaul soon. The panel and TKS should make it worthwhile for someone who wants to own a plane like this for a long time. Additional photos are available by email.

Well, after much deliberation my current airplane partner and I have decided to sell our plane instead of looking for a third partner. Plane is a 1988 Mooney 252  with an Encore upgraded engine. That's a Continental TSIO 360 SB with 220 hp. An old ad when  we were looking for a partner is available at :  The panel is outstanding. It has a GTN750, a CNX80 (precursor to Garmin 480), Aspen, GTX330 transponder. It has inadvertent TKS deicing a must in the PNW for reliable winter flying. The downside: It is just about at TBO. So we have priced it at 145K at least to start. With a new engine it's probably worth 200K or so but we'll look at all reasonable offers.  The Stratus does not go with the plane nor does the yoke mount for the iPad mini unless they are deal breakers for you.

The plane is based at PAE. Tire kickers welcome as I'm always looking for a reason to fly. 😉😋

Email to:

I'll have logbooks scanned soon and oil analysis is occurring now.

This is a great plane that has reliably gotten me all over the US. The new owner will love it!

Henry H
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