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Author Topic: Experimental Area Forecast (FA) may replace the text Area Forecast  (Read 677 times)

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The National Weather Service started a test period on January 11th for the Experimental Graphical Area Forecast (FA).  The comment period runs through April 11th, 2016.  The FAA no longer requires a text Area Forecast.

"The Experimental Graphical Forecasts for Aviation were created in response to a formal request by the FAA to discontinue
production of the textual Area Forecasts (FAs). Requirements for the underlying meteorological information in the FA have not
changed. The FAA recognizes that given modern advances within NWS, the legacy text FA is no longer the best source of enroute
flight planning weather information."

The intent is to eventually discontinue the text Area Forecast.
The Public Information Statement on the issue is here:

You can explore the Experimental Graphical Forecasts for Aviation web page at:                       (there is a red survey link in the upper right).

To provide feedback via the survey page, you can go to: