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Author Topic: Seeking ride down to Willapa Harbor Airport (Raymond, Wa) to pick up aircraft  (Read 989 times)

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Purchased aircraft located down in Willapa Harbor Airport (2S9). I am based out of Arlington and looking for flight down to pick up aircraft that was recently purchased. Would need to be between September 27th - October 1st. Will cover your round trip fuel.

Direct is around 110NM, likely varies some with actual route. Thanks.


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anyone? someone out there must want to go flying...


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I got your reply to my PM only late last night.  So, yeah, let's see what the weather is like when you get back.  Late afternoons okay?

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Blah, didn't see this until today.  I need to check this thread more often.  Regular flight for me is BVS to BFI, would be happy to continue south to 2S9 if you still need a ride.
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