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Author Topic: Cool little airport!  (Read 557 times)

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Cool little airport!
« on: August 12, 2015, 05:46:00 PM »
Went in here a few weeks ago.  The airport is in a bowl at about 3600'. 

The runway's tucked into the trees and only 30' wide, though 2800' long.  Slope heavily favors landing uphill on 22 and departing downhill on 04.  If you're flying a high-performance you could probably go around if you butchered an approach to 22...probably.  Don't try it in a Cessna 150 on a hot day.

Not much in the immediate vicinity, but a 1.5 mile hike will take you to the Jenny Creek Inn, which looks to be a very nice spot to have dinner.  I was there a little early in the day to eat, though I had a nice chat with the owner and plan to go back at some point.

Landing Rwy 22:

Departing Rwy 04:
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