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Author Topic: Legislative Alert - Transportation Survey  (Read 2015 times)

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Legislative Alert - Transportation Survey
« on: November 06, 2013, 11:42:54 AM »

During the last Legislative session, transportation funding was one of the toughest issues to resolve. Because no transportation funding and spending package was approved in the last Legislative session, Governer Inslee is proposing a short, focused special session to deal with these important transportation issues.
Now Washington Senate Republicans are asking for your opinions and priorities via a survey.  Please take a few moments to complete their brief 8-question survey.  It isnt clear how long the survey will remain online, so please take it as soon as you are able.

Why is this important?
You will find that the survey focuses on roads, bridges, ferries and transit. But it does not mention aviation.

This survey offers us an opportunity to bring aviation to their attention.

The WPA takes no position on questions 1-6. For these, please respond as you see appropriate.

But for question 7 (a Comment box), please consider taking the opportunity to whisper in the ear of our Washington House Republicans.

Here are some potential talking points. Please don't wholesale copy and paste. The message will be much better heard if you use these or your own thoughts and express them in your own words.

> Airports are an economic engine responsible for 248,500 jobs in Washington State, $15.3 billion in wages and $50.9 billion in total annual economic activity.

> More than $791 million in tax revenue is generated from aviation activities each year; over $548 million supports the States general fund for schools and essential state services.

> Our states 136 public-use airports are in need of too-often deferred maintenance.

> In 2009, the Governors Aviation Planning Council determined that Washingtons aviation system suffers from a significant funding shortfall and determined that $600 million is needed to bring all public use airports into compliance with state performance objectives.

> In 2005, a WSDOT-sponsored airport pavement study estimated a backlog of nearly $163 million in essential pavement maintenance in our state.

> In 2012, WSDOT conducted an updated pavement study- released July 2013. Study findings: Pavement conditions have declined statewide and with current funding the backlog will increase to $257 million (by 2020).

> In 2012, WSDOTs Airport Aid Grant program, which typically only has $1 million available per year, fell far short of funding the $4 million requested.

> In 2013, the WSDOT Statewide Capital Improvement Program (SCIP) received airport project requests totaling nearly $500 million.

> Current state regulations lack sufficient consequence for localities that fail to protect airports from land encroachment, damaging their value as public assets.

> Each of the 136 public use airports in the state serve as an on-ramp to a state and national air system.

> For many rural airports, Ambulances meet EMT helicopters that whisk patients to care at urban medical centers. These rural airports are virtual emergency room entrances to the advanced services in urban centers.

> In 2012, the FAA Modernization and Reform Act increased the required state and local match from 5% to 10%. This placed a greater financial burden for airport investments on state and local governments.

> In 2013, WSDOT initiated an Airport Investment Study to determine the extent of the funding gap and economic impacts of doing nothing to address current airport funding levels.

There you are. Choose a few of these talking points or express your own, then enter them in the comment box in Question 7 of the survey.

We don't imagine that adding comments like these to the survey will make much of an impact on the these legislators as they consider this transportation package. But it may give them an "Ah-ha" moment - that there is a significant share of the populace that finds aviation every bit as important as the other transportation issues. Creating this blip in the minds of legislators will likely be helpful in the months ahead when we approach Olympia on matters important to General Aviation.

As stated earlier, it is not clear how long the survey will be online, so please take it as soon as you are able.

Thanks for taking this opportunity to point out that "Transportation" includes General Aviation!

many thanks,

Les Smith
State President
Washington Pilots Association
Les Smith


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Re: Legislative Alert - Transportation Survey
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2013, 11:42:16 PM »
  I gave them my 2 cents.... we'll see if they ever listen.  :(

  I'm still of the opinion that mass transportation should be controlled by the private sector. Air and rail are private sector and we do not need to do the CEO's job. I've never heard of Waren Buffett putting out a survey on how to operate BNSF or NetJets. The politicians ask us to do these surveys like they don't know what to do. We elect power hungry celebrities to run our lives and it's not working.  :P
Klaus Marx
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Re: Legislative Alert - Transportation Survey
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2013, 08:02:43 AM »
I gave them my 2 cents as well.  If we don't speak up, we'll just get run over.

eric the red

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Re: Legislative Alert - Transportation Survey
« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2017, 02:56:01 PM »
Kind of an important survey since it's nearly impossible to estimate VFR flights and landings.  I hope the private sector doesn't take over regulating the air.  GA would get no seat at the table, and airlines would rule our rules, if you ask me.  Imagine paying user fees?  Fuel tax ain't enough?