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News: “Flying is like good music: it elevates the spirit and it's an exhilarating freedom. It's not a thrill thing or an adrenaline rush; it's engaging in a process that takes focus and commitment." - Harrison Ford

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Chit-chat / Re: How rusty are you?
« Last post by fredq on Today at 04:13:54 PM »
Thanks to the FAA, I have not flown in a year due to waiting 7 to 9 week between sending medical info and receiving request for more or different tests.  My Dr. could not understand what was going on, what they were thinking about and how far they were from reality as it came to medicine.  I was cured a year ago by an ablation of a faulty pathway in my heart.  I got my medical last Friday.  It has to be renewed in 90 days, one year and a month since the medical that triggered all the questions.  I probably will go for another class 3 because we are talking about doing some flying safaris in Australia or New Zeland. 

I did go up with a friend in a Cub 2 days ago.  I made 3 respectable landings, steep turns, stalls slow flight and dutch rolls.  I am not ready for an IFR check ride, but I am pretty comfortable.   I did spend a lot of time in an X-plane simulator including a lot of instrument approaches.  I really think this helped.  I am very impresses with X-plane 11. 

Some IFR dual to get the currency check will be my next goal. 
Airspace, Alerts and Aviation News / Re: Acro Box
« Last post by smutny on Today at 04:13:34 PM »
Didn't catch that you were referring to the safety observers using ADS-B.

The vast majority of APA and contest sites are at airports and in airspace that will not require ADS-B.  There would be no benefit to adding that cost to an event.  Radio and eyes are the best tools at those locations.
...and another great Cougar Mountain fly-in is in the books.   As per usual, good food and great people!

Thanks to the organizers.

Airspace, Alerts and Aviation News / Re: Acro Box
« Last post by groupw on Today at 12:57:01 PM »
I was suggesting it as a way to spot the transient aircraft you said you currently use spotters to detect, not planes doing aerobatics. It is indeed not reliable as an only way to detect aircraft, but my thought was that it might spot some that the visual spotters missed -- visual spotting not being very reliable either. I see there's no interest in trying it, which is fine -- it was only a suggestion.

Chit-chat / Re: How rusty are you?
« Last post by groupw on Today at 12:51:45 PM »
When I've been forced to be grounded for a month or more, I've felt a little behind the plane for the first hour or so and few landings but then I'm back in the groove. But I fly a very simple plane -- Cessna 150 -- and have around 1500 hours in that particular plane.

Chit-chat / Re: Questions about Northwest Aviation Conference
« Last post by groupw on Today at 12:49:25 PM »
There was a web site, easily found with Google, that listed seminars, schedules, and a lot of other information. Did you check it for the information you were looking for?

Airspace, Alerts and Aviation News / Re: Acro Box
« Last post by smutny on Today at 10:24:21 AM »
ADS-B is not a reliable method of seeing airplanes flying acro. Those that have equipped are finding the units not able to handle the maneuvers and stop transmitting.  It can take up to 4 minutes for a unit to reinitialize.

Also remember ADS-B is not mandatory everywhere or by all planes.

Chit-chat / Re: Questions about Northwest Aviation Conference
« Last post by OnYourSix on Today at 09:32:24 AM »
I apologize for again reviving an old thread, but I think an important point should be brought up with the seminars at the Northwest Aviation Conference.  As some have already stated, Yes, most you do not have to pre-register for. 
That said, if you are looking to do things like the military to airlines transition seminars, or the Alaska Airlines job interview prep seminar, you have to pre-register.  This is required because there is lunch served and they need a true head count (among other reasons).  There are ones that do not require them but if you were like me last year, and not aware of the pre-registration requirements because word-of-mouth said you did not need to pre-register, you might have made a long trip for nothing.  I was annoyed by my error with this as I will be transitioning out of the military soon, and I was looking for the info that these two seminars had. 
I understand monetary constraints, but I hope that it is a little better advertised this year, no one was tracking this event on base, and they are usually great about putting out this info for these types of events.  I did write a email to Rachel (her last slips me) regarding this.  I'd pay a buck or three more at the door to get in (this is surprisingly and gratefully very inexpensive to enter this event) if that put some better advertisement out there.  The big Seattle boat show commercials were crammed down our throats for weeks, the RV show, the bike show, etc.  Heck, even the R/C train show was too.  This event seems to only be word of mouth and a blip in the AOPA magazine.  Had it not been for a random social media post, I would have forgotten all about it, and the CFI that I fly with, who is also an airport manager, also nearly forgot about it (due to the lack of advertising).

Before the usual suspects jump on their go-to retort:  No, asking me to volunteer won't fix the issue.  Sure, volunteering is great but it doesn't fix the root problems.
Chit-chat / Re: How rusty are you?
« Last post by OnYourSix on Today at 09:18:11 AM »
I'm at almost 1700 hours and I feel like I get rusty after 30 days of no flying.  When I do get back into it (this goes for both of civilian and military flying) I purposefully slow down as I read checklist and really make sure I pay attention more when doing the task (not a crawl-speed, mind you, but I just take a potato or a Mississippi and do a double-check of sorts).  My muscle memory is all there, it's just the flow of checklist that I slow down.  The job I am in now is not the most accommodating for flying on either side of the fence, so I take what I can get and when I can get it.
If I have not flown GA in over 90 days, I pony up the extra to get a check-out with a CFI, not necessarily because of their insurance requirements, but out of comfort. 
Chit-chat / Re: Ski Jump airstrip
« Last post by OnYourSix on Today at 09:10:44 AM »
That might be as close as we have in the US to Courchevel Altiport!  I love your videos, thanks for posting!
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